CMNM: Jon Damian

CMNM Jon Damian 1

CMNM Jon Damian 2

CMNM Jon Damian 3

It has come to the attention of the board members that captain Jon Damian has been shaming the club, they get him to the room, so they can decide his fate. He was in the middle of a training session, still with his uniform. When the board takes a look at this hot lad, they want to see more, they make him take off his clothes, piss and abuse him. You can see the shameful look in his face at the end.
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William Higgins: “Session Stills” with Peter Stavik

William Higgins Session Stills Peter Stavik 01

William Higgins Session Stills Peter Stavik 02

William Higgins Session Stills Peter Stavik 03

Peter Stavik is a 23 year old straight guy, living in Prague and working in logistics. He plays soccer and ice-hockey. He starts by taking off his shirt and showing that amazing chest and flexing his large biceps. After that he takes off the underwear, showing us his hot body and his soft cock. From the chair to the bed, Peter delivers his best sexy positions with his cock hard.
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